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The Best Prospects To Pitch Your Product & services


The Leads By Simply Checking The Boxes

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With Your Prospects Choosing From Over 1,600+Platforms

Follow Up & Close

For Increased Conversions, Sales and Profits

Are You Making Profits For Your Business Or For Someone Else’s?

While it’s true - without a reliable source of new leads for your product or service, your business is dead in the water… There’s a high chance - you are spending an ABSURD amount of time and money on lead generation by…

Launching ad campaigns

Prospecting on LinkedIn

Hosting webinars/Podcasts

Producing videos/audiobooks

Answering questions on Quora

Social listening on Twitter, Facebook etc.

But at the end of the day, you don’t have an unlimited budget of time and money to pursue every lead generation idea that tickles your fancy.

World’s #1 ‘Lead Generation & Sales Automation’ Software

You Need Results And You Need’em Now… Enter:

A Push Button Easy Tool To:

Pull In Fresh Hot LIVE Leads Whenever You Want

Adding Them Into Your Autoresponders And Follow Up Sequences

Approach These Leads For You Using The Web’s Largest Automation Platform ‘Zapier’

World’s #1 ‘Lead Generation & Sales Automation’ Software

Lead Generation Just Went From ‘Grunt Work’ To ‘Fun-n-Easy’

No more endless cold calls or knocking on doors! Just Click And Go!

Find Laser-Targeted Live Leads

Instantly find leads for any niche in any geographic location and get all their Contact Details.

Search By Vertical. Look for a PROFESSION in a LOCATION. Like…Accountants in New York.

Search By Person. Look for people with specific ‘POSITIONS/TITLES’ in a LOCATION…like CEO/Director/Manager in Harlem.

Push one button – And contact the DECISION MAKER without going through the ‘Gatekeepers’.

Qualify Leads Based On What You Sell

Find out whether a lead is actually a prospect.

Set filters in place to find prospects that have the potential to become a customer.

Stop wasting your time with someone who literally can't buy from you or doesn’t need what you are selling.

ColdReach takes away the DRUDGE Of filling your pipeline and approaching endless leads in an effort to find the ONE that says: ‘YES’.​

ColdReach delivers the YESES.

1-Click Connect With Your Prospects

Choosing from over 1,600+ platforms on the web’s largest automation platform ‘Zapier’.

Add your prospects to a Slack channel or a cold outreach program like Woodpecker or lemlist.

You can even pick a CRM program like Zoho or send a direct tweet.

Some prospects may respond better to emails, while others prefer LinkedIn.

Export Your Leads - Follow Up And Close

Forbes’ research states that on average “Only 27% of leads ever get contacted.”​

That means that 73% of your hot leads are missing out on your offers and services.​

More importantly, that means YOU are missing out on 73% of your income.

Contact 100% of your leads EVERY TIME.

Send your conversions, sales and profits soaring starting today with ColdReach.

D E M O   V I D E O

Watch Me Quickly Generate Leads Using ColdReach

What's The Value Of A Lead For You?

Hey, today I am in the business of creating software solutions that change the way people do business online for the better. Making things, faster, easier and better. And prior to that - I spent a DECADE in high-level sales. I KNOW what it takes to fill your pipeline.

And I know that leads vary in Value. From $10 per sale and upwards of $10 Million per sale. But just for an example - let’s take a look at the most basic services being offered in the online space…

Irrespective of the nature of your business, the same principals are always consistent. You need to find the leads, you need to approach and you need to follow up. And… you need to do that more often.

No point in continuing to push hard or even magically trying to find a way to jam 30 hours into your day. Business sense dictates…

Conditional Money-Back Guarantee

If You Don't Use The Program. 

Each one of our leads searches has a real cost to it. 

With the built-in Global or local lead search - you aren’t restricted in where your leads come from and yet you can pinpoint to a suburb if you need to.

With zero learning curve to get started… Use ColdReach to find LIVE leads. Collect email addresses, names, physical addresses and even phone numbers, so you can choose your perfect method of contact that suits you and your business.

However - if you have a change of heart and haven't used the program

…Just drop us a message anytime within 30 days of your purchase and get all your money back.

Glad to be a partner in your success,

Walt Bayliss

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